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The 6 Top Ways To Relieve Migraines


Migraines are a terrible symptom of a neurological disorder that when strikes at its maximum sets sufferers in total desperation. It seems that there´s nothing capable of relieving such a headache. However there are methods and natural remedies that can be greatly helpful for these patients. There´s a real hope for migraine sufferers in this article…, thanks to Prevent Disease.


The Top 6 Remedies For Migraine Relief

A migraine is a neurological disorder, where one experiences headaches along with symptoms associated with the autonomic nervous system. There are simple and natural remedies that can help reduce the pain and consistently decrease frequency even in common sufferers.

Migraines ares now recognized as a chronic disorder, not simply as a headache. A migraine can last for hours and is caused when arteries are inflamed due to the release of chemicals. These chemicals are released when you have an allergic reaction, stress, sleeping pattern, menstruation, menopause, and fasting.

Symptoms include sensitivity to light or sound, changes in appetite, fatigue and yawning, malaise, mood changes, food cravings, and usually unilateral throbbing pain on the head.

Certain foods are among the most common triggers for headaches and migraines. Gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners, MSG, caffeine, and casein are the main culprits.

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  1. Shannette says:

    I have read these comments on the 6 tips how to help Migraine headaches.
    I wake with a headache almost every morning and by the time I take my meds (Zomig) it’s too late and I am so sick for the rest of the day.
    Any suggestions as to what to do. I am told I don’t drink enough . I hate the taste of water. It makes me nauseous when I’m not thirsty.
    I pretty much get a headache wvery week.
    Does the weather bring on headaches and is it genetic?
    Very frustrated
    Thanks for your time

    • healthbearer says:

      Shannette, I am NOT a doctor. My aim here is just to help introducing the page´s audience to come back to a more natural way of living. Your problem may have many different origins and deserves a lot of discussion which I think you could better have it with a naturopath, since the meds you are taking seem not to be working ok. However in my experience, if you already have gone through a complete diagnosis process with a doctor and nothing serious was found, you should take a deep look into your lifestyle and diet. I have the same problem as you have with water; it´s very common, so I use to drink herbal natural teas without sugar, of course. You certainly don´t have to live with a daily headache. Please take your health consciously in your hands and go to look for advise with the right professionals. Wish you the best.

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