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Is Alkaline Water A New Myth?

What is the importance of alkaline, filtered or pure water for your personal health and nutrition goals? Well, without doubt water should be pure, as your body is 80% water and your brain is 70% water. But nowadays there´s so much buzz about the benefits of alkaline water. Is it really better than properly filtered water? In this article you will find some ideas that will clarify your doubts, and will free yourself of the “need” of buying an expensive device to produce alkaline water.

Many are wondering what the scoop is on alkaline water, whether it’s something to buy into or not, and what sort of benefits can be had from drinking it. There is a lot of contradictory information out there, so it can be quite confusing and it’s hard to know who to listen to. What you really need to look for is some scientific evidence behind all of the claims being made.

The medical community is skeptical about alkaline water, and there is some concern with continually drinking it as your source of water. It may act to neutralize your stomach acids which are necessary to break down the food you eat and absorb the nutrients properly. Not enough scientific research has been conducted on either the positive benefits or potential drawbacks of alkaline water.

You can keep your body healthy and able to do its job by eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and getting proper rest, rather than trying to manipulate pH levels by drinking ionized water. You should also be sure to stay hydrated, but you don’t need to drink alkaline water to do that. Just be sure you’re getting enough fresh, clean water each day. This helps to keep your organs well lubricated, helps your digestive system by softening your stools so they can be carried out more easily, and keeps you more alert and focused.

Bogus. Alternative-health guru Andrew Weil used that word as well in response to a question about Kangen Water in 2010. “It is the latest variation of so-called alkaline water, which promoters claim is essential for elimination of the acidity in our bodies—attributed to all the evils of the modern world …. The human body needs absolutely no help in adjusting its pH.” He added, “Unless you have serious respiratory or kidney problems, body pH will remain in balance no matter what you eat or drink …. Bottom line: The health claims for water ionizers and for alkaline water are bogus.”

Here’s where you can have a greater impact on your body with the water you drink. Make sure it’s filtered properly, and invest your money in proper filtration rather than worrying if it’s ionized or not. Getting all of the harmful impurities out of the water you drink will make a bigger difference than changing its alkalinity. You’ll be preventing the toxic build up of heavy metals, as well as getting rid of things like chlorine and fluoride.

Alkaline Water FAQ
Does alkaline water make you sick?
We couldn’t find any users that says that they felt sick when drinking alkaline water. The two biggest responses we could find were those that said it worked, and those that said they couldn’t notice any difference from drinking it.

Will alkaline water help me lose weight?
Upping your water intake will help you lose weight, whether it’s alkaline or not. Proponents of alkaline water dub it a miracle worker and will also include weight loss as a byproduct of drinking it. For most though this weight loss will occur as a result of being more hydrated, helping the body to flush out toxins, and an improved rate of digestion.

Can alkaline water give you headaches?

There is only anecdotal evidence consisting of stories from those that experienced headaches by drinking too much alkaline water. However, there is no particular reason as to why this would lead to headaches, so it could be a medication these people were taking at the time, or some other unknown cause. It’s never a good idea to base your decision off of individual feedback.

Does alkaline water kill cancer?

There is no evidence that would lead one to believe that alkaline water is a cancer killer. Proponents of alkaline water say that it helps the body’s pH levels become alkaline, and this in turn makes it hard or impossible for diseases like cancer to fester in the body. The problem lies in the fact that it is the body’s role to keep its blood a certain pH, regardless of the foods or beverages that we eat. Any big swing in the pH level of the blood would be severely hazardous to our health.

Can alkaline water cause diarrhea?

It’s been said that drinking too much alkaline water at first can lead to a case of diarrhea as the body is adapting to it.

Does alkaline water help with acid reflux?

The idea that drinking alkaline water would help with excessive amounts of acid in the stomach seems like a logical conclusion, but the major proponents of this concept are those that are selling ionizers or running websites touting the benefits of alkaline water, neither of which count as credible sources, so we’d have to say no, until proven otherwise.

Can alkaline water be harmful?

While we had trouble finding any sort of proof that alkaline water is healthier than regular water, we also couldn’t find any proof that it is detrimental to your health either. Although some have brought up the possibility that drinking alkaline water might disrupt the acidity of the stomach which could disrupt digestion.

If you still want to drink alkaline water you can prepare it at home out of filtered water, by adding a clean organic lemon cut into eights, and a tbsp of hymalayan salt to a 64 ounces pitcher.

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