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How TV Affects Your Emotions

Very likely you have heard over a million times that science fiction always resembles something from reality. In the latest years I found myself wondering about the excessive amount of TV movies featuring the walking dead. What is what they are showing us? I ask myself frequently. It seems for me that these TV series are reflecting some kind of contamination our minds have, as we are behaving somewhat like walking dead. This is a personal thought I am sharing right now, but the following article will leave you at least with a huge interrogant. Check it out and then share here what you think. And please, don´t miss the video on the last page…

Back in 1969, a man named Herbert Krugman conducted a series of experiments regarding the effect of television on a person’s brainwaves. What he found was pretty startling:

“Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves — brainwaves associated with active, logical thought — to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.”

‘Beta’ is considered a normal, awake state, while ‘Alpha’ waves are experienced in a deep relaxation or ‘daydreaming’ state. When in the Alpha state, a person is subjected to a passive learning experience with the right side of the brain at the wheel, leaving critical thinking skills behind.

When scientists study these effects, we often find out later that they were only trying to help corporate advertisers better influence you. They have even found that the brains of people watching movies together are snyced up! Is that a “syn” against individuality? Jerry Mander also discussed the damages of unbridled technology like television in “Questions We Should Have Asked About Technology.” Even in the 1970s, he was arguing for the elimination of television. One of his reasons was the “death culture” – all the story lines, especially in the news were heading toward death obsession. Think about how that has changed in 40 years and what that does to already hopeless people? That’s entertainment?

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