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Dangerous Dairy Cow Milk: Safe And Delicious Alternatives

Dairy Cow Milk is unhealthy for humans. After reading this article you will need not more than 5 seconds to think of it the same way. Adding to the dangers detailed below, nowadays we have the problem of GMO Cows. In this article you will also find a video in page 8 that I recommend you to watch… It´s about getting more muscle per GM cow. What will happen to their milk then?

If you like milk but are concerned about dairy milk, here you have several alternatives that fit perfectly as a substitute. I have purposely omitted soy milk, as it has been proved to be harmful, even more than dairy milk. Eastern people never consumed soy milk in the form Westerns do. They know it is unhealthy since centuries ago. The only way to consume soy healthily is in its tempeh form, which is a fermented food. Try these alternatives and enjoy their new, subtle tastes.

After you get these amazing alternatives, go through the following pages of this article to get the true facts about cow milk. You´ll find your time worth it very much.

So let´s begin the tour on cow´s milk in next page.

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