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Coaching Your Soul For A Better Life

Day after day there are more people who understand the intimate relationship between our bodily health and our inner health, where “inner” means emotional, psychological or mental health, although they are not the same thing. In any case we should understand “inner” here as all that which is apart from body, organs, fluids or vital functions. ThereĀ“s a lot of scientific research on this topic, but the ultimate comprehension of us as human beings has not been uncovered yet. The more we advance into this concept, the more we realize of the need to understand what love really is. In this article you will find information about a tool that focuses precisely on this concept: finding the source of love within.


When we come to this reality we commence our lives on earth as a brand new baby with a clean slate. Our soul has history but we don't remember it, we are not meant to, as life progresses our soul does the best it can to guide us in the right direction, watches out for us and always whispers the truth to us, whether we like it or not, it is that little voice in your head which tells you right from wrong and intuitively knows when things just don't look or feel right.

As we grow and age we begin to store and absorb new ideas, habits, feelings and emotions passed down by our parents, relatives, siblings and friends. Whilst our parents have all the best intentions as they only want what is best for us, they also have their own belief system passed on by their parents and pre-programmed ideas of what is right and wrong and how to best guide us thru life.

Imagine your soul as a very sophisticated computer were you store away files in relevant folders of individual things which come your way at different ages. Like any computer sometimes you have go thru a process of eliminating clutter and deleting files or it begins to run slowly.
Soul coaching assists you to determine which part of those thought, ideas, feelings and emotions need to be cleared out so you can move forward in the process of living your life to the fullest each and every day.

We are always very hard on ourselves, we judge, we badger and berate ourselves much worse than anyone else ever would. Heaven help us if we do something we deem to be stupid. What repetitive recording do you have running inside your head which says “How could you have done that?” or “Why did you do that?”. These constant reminders that we are not perfect sometimes begin to take their toll and we begin to actually believe them to be true, thus reinforcing the belief that we are not good enough.

How many of you Moms and Dads out there wonder “Am I a good enough parent?”, “Am I a good enough son or daughter?” perhaps to an aging parent and lest not forget “Am I a good enough spouse? loving, caring , forgiving and compassionate.

All these thoughts come from a place of fear and lack, rather than a place of love. Love of “self” has to come before anything else, as without it you can not be good enough for anything or anyone else.

Soul coaching is all about “Being Kind to Yourself”. What a concept! Be good to yourself first, love who you are as you are. Forget any faults, we all have them, after all it is what makes us human. Thin or fat, tall or short, whatever nationality or religion, it doesn't really matter. Don't judge, when you stop judging yourself or others you start loving and do not forget to always start with yourself.

Love and gratitude always go hand in hand, be loving and grateful of whom you are and as you are, the rest will just follow. Look within your “Soul” to tell you the truth, it has all the answers and always looks out for your highest good. After all it is the keeper of your history.

What is Soul Coaching?

The aim of Soul Coaching is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. It helps you to clear away mental and emotional clutter so you can hear the messages from within. It also helps you to discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that purpose.

Soul Coaching is not therapy. It is also different from life coaching. Soul Coaches understand that each individual already has all the answers they need. They believe that each person is intuitive, resourceful, and creative. Soul coaching creates a safe nurturing space for you to discover your own knowledge regarding your present and your future, rather than to tell you what to do.

Many people associate the word “coach” with the image of someone who drives his athletes towards improvement and perfection.

Traditional life coaches motivated, pushed, prodded, and held their clients accountable to reach a higher level of excellence. This model of coaching works well in most cases, however, it often can lead to a kind of tiredness of the soul.

Adele Bentivegna is a Certified Soul and Past Life Coach. She is a specialist in Energy Medicine and Reiki Practioner focusing on the spiritual growth of humanity.

Original article published by Prevent Disease. See here.

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