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4 Foods That Protect Your Cognitive Function

Whoever who has had an elder relative suffering from Alzheimer´s disease or any other of many related diseases, has felt those ugly feelings of sadness and impotence by seeing that loved one in an often irreversible process of mental degradation.

However our lifestyle is increasingly leading us to be more and more prone to be a victim of these problems when we arrive to the senior age. But we are not unarmed against them.

Much has been written on how to exercise your brain to keep memory and reasoning functions working well. And the good news is that along with these techniques, new research shows that diet is also a strong ally to support the brain and cognitive function in staying healthy and active.

Some foods will specifically influence the health and activity of your brain and cognition as a whole.

In this article we are sharing with you 5 of these foods. This data comes from a four year study conducted in Spain on 400 people, and it showed that by adding specific foods to the diet cognitive function can be enhanced and dementia and other memory related conditions can be prevented.

With that being said in next page are the 4 foods worth eating more often:

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