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4 Benefits Prove Marijuana Juice Is a Surprising Health Booster

No, you don´t need to smoke marijuana to get the benefits this plant has. You rather get fresh leaves and juice them making a marijuana smoothie. The results boosting your health may be surprising. Above all, you can drink this juice sure that it won´t put you high as smoking marijuana does, because the THC requires heat to be psychoactive. Check out here four of the main benefits of ingesting cannabis.

Benefit One: Prevention

The most powerful benefit of juicing raw cannabis is preventative medicine. Some doctors have even gone so far to call it the most powerful vegetable on earth, because it gives a major boost to your immune system, improves brain function, is an anti-inflammatory and helps with bone health as well.

Benefit Two: The Antioxidant Properties of Cannabis

Cannabis also has antioxidant properties, which means that it prevents the oxidation of molecules in the body. Antioxidants are extremely powerful and we usually get them in fruits and veggies.

Benefit Three: Boosting Your Metabolism

Cannabis has also been shown to boost metabolism when it is given in the high doses that are necessary for the antioxidants and other benefits.

Benefit Four: Improving Communication with Nerve Cells

Juicing cannabis also has the benefit of restoring two-way communication in nerve cells. When communication only goes one way, it results in inflammation.


Original article: Healthy Food House. See here.
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