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Top 5 Fermented Foods To Boost Your Whole Health

We need to take care of our bacteria. Our gut is the biggest part of our immune system and the place where are most of our 100 trillion ...

4 Foods That Protect Your Cognitive Function

Whoever who has had an elder relative suffering from Alzheimer´s disease or any other of many related diseases, has felt those ugly ...

10 Natural Ways To Cure Numbness In The Extremities

Numbness in extremities may occur for many reasons, some of them involving serious conditions. However the main factor behind them ...

Sitting For Too Long Destroys Your Body

We all are well aware of that a sedentary lifestyle leads to an unending list of health problems. However, many of us need to work ...
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5 Simple Home Remedies For Dandruff

Dandruff is a common but uncomfortable condition of the scalp that looses skin flakes which appear in the hair and fall onto clothes. ...
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Calcium And Magnesium Balance Prevents From Dangerous Risks

There´s a new study released on the positive effects of higher dietary intake of calcium and magnesium. This is the first study where ...

15 Essential Treatments For Adrenal Fatigue

I like that metaphor that living with a lot of stress is like putting an elephant into a glassware shop. Excessive stress disrupts ...
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9 Steps To Supercharge Your Metabolism Every Morning

Here you have a simple routine you can perform daily in under 30 minutes just to start your day with full energy and supercharging ...

Why Iodine Is Important For Pregnant Women

Every mother-to-be receive from doctors and close people, many advices on diet and general cares to take during pregnancy, because ...